Big Sandy Trailhead: Washakie Creek Loop

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August 16-24, 2012


Big Sandy Trailhead


Iron Creek Meadows Trail

Twin Lakes/Boulter Lake Trail (#105)

Lowline Trail (#095)

Highline Trail (#094)

Fremont Trail (#096)


+/-19.6 miles


Beartooth Publishing South Wind River Range

Earthwalk Press South Wind River Range

USGS 7.5 minute Topographical Maps: Big Sandy Opening, Mount Bonneville

Books and maps can be purchased here.


During the summer of 2012, I worked as a Wilderness Ranger with the Forest Service in Pinedale, and this was my last hitch in the Wind River Range. We hiked out of the Big Sandy stock trailhead (where the horse-riders park their horse trailers southwest of the hiker’s trailhead) and headed to Iron Creek Meadows, past Twin Lakes and Boulter Lake. We stayed the first night near Poston Meadows in the trees to the east of the East Fork River. The next day, we found and marked the Lowline Trail with cairns along the wilderness boundary and cleared the trail to Poston Lake. If you are here in the fall, there are raspberries and gooseberries in any area of downed trees or rock slides near here.
From Poston Meadows, we headed north on the Highline Trail along the East Fork River all the way to Washakie Creek. The next night, we stayed at Marms Lake, on a hill north of the lake, east of the trail intersection. At Marms Lake, while I rinsed of the dirt from the day’s work, I watched my first tree fall in the woods. It did make a sound.. but I was there to see and hear it. Totally freaked me out!
The next day, we cleared the Highline Trail south past Dads Lake and Fish Creek Park to the trailhead. After that, we spent the rest of the hitch talking to hikers along the Big Sandy Lake trail.

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