Trailhead Conditions Report-6/8/16

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The sunny days are persisting and we are beginning to see our afternoon thunderstorms rolling through, so it must be summertime in the mountains! The snow levels are sitting around 9,100 and 9,500 feet depending on the aspect and the tree cover of certain locations. Right now, lower elevation trailheads are more accessible such as Green River Lakes and Boulder, although you can hit up Elkhart Park Trailhead and head down to Long Lake via the Pine Creek Canyon Trail basically snow-free. Along Elkhart’s Pole Creek Trail the snow is still abundant and beginning to sun-rot which means post-holing is inevitable, even with snowshoes. Big Sandy Trailhead is still holding a lot of snow, but the Marm’s Lake and Dad’s Lake trail opens up a bit quicker due to the openness of Fish Creek Park. Please remember to use sunscreen while traveling on the snow this time of year or you’re going to fry your face off!

Green River Lakes

With the sunny days, the snow melt is causing the rivers and streams to rise, so exercise caution with any water crossings you come across. Even if the depth does not seem significant, the currents are swift and strong. Larger drainages are raging, so water levels will continue to rise dramatically this week. I’m sorry to say that the blasted mosquitoes are starting to build up, especially in open meadows holding standing water from the snow melt, so remember to pack your bug spray and dress appropriately!

Most importantly, get out and enjoy the mountains and the sunshine! Summer has hit Pinedale at last!

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