Backcountry Conditions Report 6/28/2016

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Backpacking season is almost in full swing! The spring thaw is off and folks are anxious to get into the Wind River backcountry. A full through-hike of the range isn’t yet possible, but getting to the most popular destinations, i.e. Titcomb Basin and Cirque of the Towers, is finally possible.

As of last week, Both Jackass Pass and the climber trail leading into the Cirque are both open. Climbers have reported both Pingora and Wolf’s Head to be climbable. Because of the aspect, the East Fork Valley still has a ways to go before Raid, Ambush, Geikie, etc. will be melted out enough to see ascents.

Deep Lakes area is snow free, except up in the basin towards Temple. Clear Lake, Miller Lake and Black Joe Lake are iced-off and the fishing is reported to be good.

Titcomb Basin/Island Lake area has melted out enough to see backpackers head as far as Upper Titcomb Basin. There have been two spring ascents of Gannett that we’re aware of. Bonney Pass will continue to hold snow up until late July. The snow has set up quite well and makes traveling fast and painless.

All North-facing aspects will continue to hold snow and seep for at least a few more weeks. We’re seeing high country temperatures of 30-35F at night, with highs of 61-67F during the day. June is our windy month and gusts of up to 30 mph, especially at higher elevations, are not uncommon. Good sunscreen and wind protection are vital.

Last but not least, the bugs are finally coming out! Lower elevations below treeline are being hit the hardest, but as the high country melts out, the skeeters will be everywhere. Be sure to stock up on Deet and headnets here at the shop!

If you have any questions, the knowledgeable staff at the Great Outdoor Shop will be happy to answer any and all of your questions! Give us a call at (307) 367-2440 for the most up to date conditions or email us The shop is open 8AM to PM Monday through Saturday, and 8AM to 7PM on Sunday. We’re happy to answer questions about your trip, have all the gear needed to get safely into the backcountry, and have the maps necessary to get you pointed in the right direction!