Fishing Report 3/20/2017

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Spring is upon us! Warmer temperatures have thawed a number of tributaries in the Upper Green River drainage; however, foot access is somewhat limited due to the lingering snowpack.

The Green River is holding relatively steady at 127 CFS and is still partially under ice at Warren Bridge; there is open water up higher around Kendall, but requires skis or snowshoes in order to access. If you’re willing to put in the time, the fishing can be well worth it, and quite rewarding.

The New Fork is flowing at 245 CFS at the Big Piney gauging station. This slight rise above normal has caused some discoloring in the water; you can find better water clarity tight to the banks, but the rising temperatures are quickly muddying the entire river. Pat’s Rubber Legs, Pink San Juans, & Flash Princes have all been fishing well.

Due to record snowfall, please note that run-off is going to be of a particularly large scale this year! As of right now, we’re counting on high and muddy conditions through the end of June. If you are planning on floating with us this summer, we would highly recommend coming between end of June through the end of September. As it continues to develop, we will update river conditions.

Float trip spots are starting to fill up! Give us a call at (307) 367-2440 or email to book your trip today or if you have individual questions.