Fishing Report 5/7/17

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Springtime Run Off has started


Green River

The Green River has seen a big flush of water the last few days!  Flows are up to 1550 at Warren Bridge today and the clarity is, well, let’s just say it’s Brown!  The fishing is going to be hard the next few weeks on the Green!! The higher up you go on the Green the better the Fishing.  Good luck if you head out!!  Flies that have been working are big dark streamers. Black and Green articulated seems to be the most productive!!


New Fork

The New Fork is is up to 900 cfs today and has not seen a major change in flows or color.   The window for fishing on this river in the next few weeks is unpredictable, but as of Now, it’s open and good!!  Water has good visibility and fish are eager to eat!!  Stop by the shop if your headed out!  Flies and fishing conditions are changing daily so check in for an update!!



Guides advice for the day!

Streamer of the day:  Black dungeon

Nymph of the day:  Flashback Prince

Dry Fly of the day:  Para Adams

Quote of the day:  Fish for the Why and the What

Pinedale Grub:  Check out the new Burger place across the street from Ridleys!!!  Hearing some good things!

Best float:  Airport to Boulder -New Fork

New and Cool:  If you haven’t cast the new Sage X fly rods!   WHY!!!!  They are absolutely bad-a##!!

Trout Talk:  We really hug the banks during run off!  Lots of worms and slower water!!

As always, pop in the shop and check out the largest selection of flies in Sublette County, and get the most up-to-date fishing conditions firsthand.

‘Til next time: Row On!