Trailhead Conditions Report 6/10/2017

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Green River Lakes

  • The road to the trailhead is clear of snow the entire way.
  • The Highline Trail is clear of snow up to Three Forks Park.
  • The Clear Creek Natural Bridge is accessible.
  • Slide Lake is accessible up to the lake camping area. Patchy snow above.
  • Watch for wildlife, especially on the drive in.


Elkhart Park

  • Fremont Lake Rd is accessible up to the trailhead.
  • Patchy snow at the A-frame guard shack and surrounding.
  • Heavy snow, water and mud as you leave the trailhead parking area.
  • Trails End Campground snowed in.


Boulder Lake

  • Trailhead accessible.
  • Blueberry Lake and Lake Ethel both accessible.
  • Boulder Creek is high and has flooded the trail in many places. Use precaution.


Big Sandy Opening

  • Road to Big Sandy is open though some flooding and snow still exists.
  • Sedgewick Meadow Rd definitely accessible.
  • High clearance vehicle recommended


New Fork Lakes

  • Trailhead accessible.
  • Valley trail accessible. VERY muddy at the end of the lake and beyond.
  • Patchy snow climbing out of the valley.


Be aware that above 9800 ft., you WILL encounter snow, sometimes deep. This is especially true in heavily treed areas such as Elkhart Park, Big Sandy Opening and higher canyons out of Green River Lakes. Most high-country lakes have not yet iced-off. Also, be aware that some stream crossing will be formidable and fast-moving this time of year. Spring runoff has peaked, so we should see stream levels slowly decline. Use common sense when attempting to cross river and streams; running water can be fatal and unforgivable. As always, give us a call for the most up-to-date river and trail conditions, (307) 367-2440, or shoot us an email,