Hints of spring abound this week. The sun is shining and the antelope can be caught outside of town returning to their summer feeding grounds. We haven’t reached the end of winter yet, though, with wintry mix in the forecast for the week ahead. Daytime highs will remain in the 40s and nights will continue to drop below freezing. The high-country could see new snow accumulation of 12+ inches.


Fishing is just heating up on the New Fork

Trail reports are few and far between this time of year, but here’s what we can tell from the data:

Big Sandy Trailhead – Snow Depth: 41” (slightly below average)

Located at over 9,000’ elevation and holding more than three feet of snow, Big Sandy will not be opening any time soon. If you’re looking to take an early-season trip here, be prepared to pack snowshoes. Expect the road to be snow-covered until mid-June.

Boulder Lake Trailhead – Snow Depth: N/A

The road to the lake has been good to go for weeks now, and the trail has begun to follow. As of this weekend, the trail up the canyon is clear at least to the wilderness boundary and likely a couple of miles further. Blueberry Lake Trail is also clear to the wilderness boundary with the exception of small patches of snow holding in a few shadier sections. It sits low (7700’), though, so it should open relatively soon with rising spring temperatures. We predict full accessibility by mid-May.

Elkhart Park Trailhead – Snow Depth: 24” (slightly below average)

Elkhart Park is usually the last trailhead on this side of the divide to open, thanks to both its elevation and geography. Even once the trailhead has melted off, shadier segments of the road may remain impassable. Don’t expect to reach the trailhead by car until June.

New Fork Lakes Trailhead – Snow Depth: 17” (well below average)

The road to New Fork Lakes has not held much snow this season, but the trail could be a different story. The floor of the canyon does not get much sun in the winter months, so we expect the trail to remain covered until late May or early June.

Green River Lakes Trailhead – Snow Depth: 19” at USFS Boundary (below average)

Given its lower elevation (7700’), similar to Boulder Lake, Green River Lakes tends to open up earlier than most other trailheads on this side of the range. The trailhead is usually fully accessible by the end of May.

We will be keeping a close eye on the trailheads in the months to come, so make sure to check back for weekly updates. We’re all excited to lace up our hiking boots and get back there.

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As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any gear or itinerary questions regarding the Wind River Range or surrounding area. We’re open seven days a week, from 8AM to 6PM. You can reach us by phone (307) 367-2440 or send us an email, info@greatoutdoorshop.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Snow data gathered from USDA SNOTEL

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