Fishing Report 4/30/2022

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Liam caught himself a ‘bow!

Well, this past month hasn’t exactly been what we expected. We thought it would be 55 degrees and sunny with no heavy winds. But, as Wyoming so often does, it threw us a curveball. April instead gave us weather that was actually good for the watershed. It was a cold, windy, snowy month that bolstered our snowpack and put us one step closer to a healthy runoff. While it was often uncomfortable and just plain not fun to fish a lot of days, anglers can rest easy knowing that we should have happy fish all summer.


Green River: 222 CFS @ Warren Bridge

The river thawed, and fish are active. Road access along the river north of Warren Bridge is still limited. But however far your vehicle will make it—there is fishable water. Floating further downstream toward Daniel has been quite productive for throwing medium to large streamers. The water is a bit dirty, with a few feet of visibility, so big fish are coming out of their hidey-holes to play.
Flies to try: Mini-Dungeons, Koffey’s Sparkle Minnow, Baby Gonga


New Fork: 250 CFS @ Big Piney

The upper reaches of the New Fork haven’t seen any significant bump in water levels, so it’s still bony and somewhat difficult to get a boat down. However, lower down the river (after a few tributary creeks flow in), it’s a different story. It’s still low but easier to find deeper runs where fish can hide out and lazily eat nymphs from the bottom.
Flies to try: Spanish Perdigon, Duracell, Jig Squirmie Wormie


Seedskadee: 805 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam

With the rainbow trout spawn still in full swing, be cautious when wading and fishing, as it can be detrimental to catch or disturb actively spawning fish. Watch where you are walking and casting. There are plenty of fish far away from the beds of spawners. Many reports of streamer and nymph action are still coming, as more people are coming up with sizeable browns and cutthroats from the deep pools. We have also heard a few whispers of BWO hatches popping off in short spurts in the warm afternoons, with a few fish beginning to look up.
Flies to try: Hot-Cone Wooly Bugger, Burchell Midge, On-Point Para Wulff BWO


As we inch closer and closer to our peak season, our schedule for available guide days fills up rapidly. If you are thinking of booking, do it soon. Sign up for our newsletter as we continue to drop regular info and reports to stay up to date on our waters.

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