Fishing Report 5/16/2022

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Once again, spring weather here in Western Wyoming has proven to be unpredictable, with most days last week having high winds and near-freezing temps. The mountains surrounding our drainage have continued to accumulate and hold moisture, and we are looking forward to a week ahead with blue skies and warmer days. Every week we feel more at ease about the quality of our impending runoff. Basin-wide snowpack is still slightly above average, and fishing is starting to pick up as we get regular bumps in flow levels.


Green River: 256 CFS @ Warren Bridge

The Green has been fishing well lately, especially on the back end of a storm or any time the water warms up a bit. Large stonefly nymphs and worms have been productive, as well as some streamers. Low and slow is still the name of the game as most of the larger fish are a bit sluggish and hanging out mostly at the bottoms of runs.

Flies to try: Neo Twenty-Incher, Jig-head Squirmie, Ebony


New Fork: 236 CFS @ Big Piney

The water on the New Fork is still low and clear, with an overall drop in water levels. Focusing on water with a bit more current-like tail-outs of runs and sweeping outside bends has proven productive this past week. Occasionally, we have seen risers along slower banks, but it is still extremely sporadic.

Flies to try: Galloup’s Jigged BWO, Barely Legal, Batman Nymph


Seedskadee: 708 CFS @ Fontenelle Dam

The rainbow spawn below Fontenelle is effectively over, and we are in some of the best time of year to fish Seedskadee as many post-spawn trout look for their first big feed in a few months. Riffles, cutbanks, and eddies are the usual suspects for finding large fish down there, and this week was no different.

Flies to try: Gray Scud, Egg Sucking Leech, RS2

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