An awesome amount of snow melted out of the Winds this week. Even a cursory glance from town reveals that the steep south- and west-facing aspects of the highest peaks are baring their granite. This doesn’t mean that the trails up high are dry or snow-free, but it’s a big step in that direction, and we have a recent wave of summer weather to thank. Temperatures in town consistently reached the high-70s last week, and the same is forecast for the week ahead. The mountains are receiving only sporadic dustings of snow above 12,000 feet.


Run-off is slowing down a little bit after a crazy water week, but creek crossings are still dangerously high in places. Recent reports have pointed to some popular crossings flowing above the knees. Hikers, don’t let your pride sweep you downstream; take it slow, make use of your trekking poles for stability, and turn back if there is any doubt about your safety. If you haven’t seen it already, I talked more in-depth about mountain streams in last week’s report.


This is probably the last week to get out before the bugs start getting bad again. As of now, they’re buzzing but not biting, but that’s about to change real fast. Time to stock up on DEET and headnets to survive Wind River summer! Fret not, though, as the bugs tend to be at their worse through July, then taper off quick through the first weeks of August.


Summer is here and a lot is happening in Pinedale. The local Farmer’s Market is in full swing and this Saturday brings us the first show in PFAC’s 2022 Soundcheck Summer Music Series. Live concerts in the park?? Sign me up. Green River Rendezvous is also coming up soon, complete with vendor fairs, live music, and rodeos — there’s something you won’t want to miss. And of course, between all the fun events swing by and say hello to your friends at the Great Outdoor Shop!


Here’s the latest on the trailheads:


Big Sandy Trailhead (9,085’) – Snow Depth: 0″

Big Sandy Trailhead is open. Expect deep snow on shadier sections of trail, especially as you gain elevation towards Big Sandy Lake. The trail to Cirque of the Towers is still tough to navigate due to deep snow around Arrowhead and North Lakes. With the sunny days ahead, we should see people successfully hiking into the Cirque by this weekend or next. I will update this report if I hear otherwise.


Scab Creek Trailhead (8,200’) – Snow Depth: 0″

Scab Creek Trailhead is open. The trail is holding patchy, in some places deep, snow around Divide Lake and Raid Lake. Right now, this trail is best for a steep but enjoyable day hike for those looking for solitude.


Boulder Lake Trailhead (7,300’) – Snow Depth: 0″

Boulder Lake Trailhead is open and the trails are dry. Ethel Lake and Blueberry Lake are now fully accessible.


Elkhart Park Trailhead (9,350’) – Snow Depth: 0″

Elkhart Park Trailhead is open. The road, parking lot and campground are all dry. Sacred Rim Trail and Long Lake Trail are ready to hike. Prepare for soaked trails then deep snow as you approach Photographer’s Point (10,400′). Titcomb Basin is still inaccessible — at least to us mostly-sane people — for another few weeks.


Spring Creek Trailhead (8,200’) – Snow Depth: 0″

Spring Creek Trailhead is open. The road to get here is short but rough; 4WD and high clearance are recommended. Glimpse Lake Trail is only accessible to Glimpse Lake and no further due to fallen trees. Trapper Lake Trail was cleared of trees to Summit Lake by the US Forest Service last summer, and should be almost snow-free to Trapper Lake.


New Fork Lakes Trailhead (7,900’) – Snow Depth: 0″

New Fork Lakes Trailhead is open. There is little to no snow in the canyon and you can push all the way to the junction of Porcupine and Clark Creek Trails, 8 miles up. Doubletop Trail is is still holding multiple feet of snow as you approach Doubletop Peak.


Green River Lakes Trailhead (8,040’) – Snow Depth: 0″

Green River Lakes Trailhead is open. The Highline Trail is clear of snow at least to Three Forks Park, 10.7 miles from the trailhead, with the switchbacks up from the Park drying out too. Slide Lake is accessible, snow-wise, but the approach includes a high, sketchy stream crossing. Clear Creek Natural Bridge should be fully accessible. The Green River Lakes Loop is ready to hike. Expect wet trails due to run-off and high water levels.


If you have any questions or need advice on visiting the Pinedale area, give us a shout at 307-367-2440. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff are always happy to offer guidance. You can also write to us at Our store is open every day from 8AM to 8PM. We look forward to hearing from you!


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