Fishing Report 6/21/2022

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We have seen what we think is the peak of runoff come and go, and we are looking forward to a warm week ahead! The water is still moving quickly, but it’s been a few weeks since this big push began. The fish must eat, and now that they are used to the bigger flows, they are. Wade fishing the softer waters on inside bends and behind structure is now much more possible, but floating is still the most productive means of fishing.

Green River: 1,890 CFS @ Warren Bridge
The Green near Daniel is still low visibility but still over a foot. With high waters, fish will congregate in soft inside bends and deep cutbanks, so be sure to target those areas. More and more bug sightings are happening on warm days, so be prepared with some PMD and Golden Stone patterns for the surface, but don’t expect to leave the nymph rig behind quite yet.
Flies to try: Purple Bruce, Leather Worm, Pat’s Rubber Legs

New Fork: 2,810 CFS @ Big Piney
The New Fork seems a bit high that far down, but closer to Boulder and Pinedale, you might still find some clean, fishy water. Pine Creek is flowing clear. Pole creek still has a few feet of visibility, so definitely fishable, especially deep diving nymph rigs into slow, deep pockets.
Flies to try: Worm Farm, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear, Jiggidy Jedi

Seedskadee: 1,160 CFS @ Fontanelle Dam
We saw a slight bump in water levels below Fontanelle this week, but not nearly enough to affect trout feeding habits. The fish are active and aggressive. Many people have been having banner days below the dam lately, and a few fish here and there are starting to look up.
Flies to try: Dead Body Scud, Clearwater Pupa, Dungeon

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