Trail Conditions Report 5/29/2023

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Fayette Lake


Alright people, things are happening in the range. We have had a lot of melting this past three weeks down low and in the high alpine. You are able to access almost all trailheads on this side of the divide, with the exception of Big Sandy. All the lakes down low across Sublette County have lost their ice and are totally open. That tells me we are done with winter conditions here in town. The Alpine is trying to melt out, and hiking season is upon us. We had a few employees head into the range this week, and they had great fishing hiking out of Boulder Lake and heading towards Eithel Lake. One thing to be mindful of this time of year in the range is river and creek crossings. You do not want to fall into a raging river with a loaded pack. Please stay safe, and choose your spots wisely when crossing any water over the next month or so. But for now, we wait.


Big Sandy Trailhead (9,085′) – Snow Depth: 0″
Even though the snow levels in the range are sitting around 9,200′, we are still not able to get back to the Big Sandy trailhead. It should open up in about two weeks.

Boulder Lake Trailhead (7,300′) – Snow Depth: 0″
It’s all open, and you are able to go up to Eithel Lake and even further if you are feeling up to it.

Elkhart Park Trailhead (9,350′) – Snow Depth: 0″
The road driving up to Elkhart Park is open, and I made it up there in a sedan without any issues. The trail, however, is still muddy. You won’t exceed a mile before hitting knee-deep to waist-deep snow.

Spring Creek Trailhead (8,200′) – Snow Depth: 0″
As far as I can tell, Spring Creek Trailhead is open. It is well below the snow line, and the trail gets a ton of sun once it crests the ridge. However, you may run into the issues of snow and mud during the first couple of miles as you’re hiking up the north-facing slope.

New Fork Lakes Trailhead (7,900′) – Snow Depth: 0″
The snow here continues to inch its way back up the canyon walls, giving the freshly exposed trail some room to breathe. The trail will be muddy for the rest of May at least, but there’s no reason to avoid the area.

Green River Lakes Trailhead (8,040′) – Snow Depth: 0″
The road up to GR Lakes is open and a little muddy, but you can make it. The trail will be mushy; once you make it a little past the first lake and into the canyon, you will start running into snow.


Great Outdoor Shop is now open an hour later, from 8 am-7 pm. If you have any questions not covered in the report, please feel free to reach out to our staff 307-367-2440.


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Author: Dalan Adams

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  1. James
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    Scab Creek status?

  2. Krissa Gray
    | Reply

    Thank you for this post! We had planned to hike Cirque of the Towers on Monday, June 5, starting at Big Sandy but it seems like that’s a no go. Glad I forgot this post.

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