Trail Conditions Report 7/3/2023

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Ahoy, enthusiasts!

A very wet June is ending, and looking towards July, we are heading into a dry weather pattern. We will still see some nighttime alpine thunderstorms and light rain, but nothing like the consistently wet June we have had.

Watching the mountains from the valley, it feels like you can see the snow melting from my porch. That said, I still have no confirmed reports of hikers going to or coming from Titcomb Basin or the Cirque via Jackass Pass. If you are strong and or brave enough to make it back there, please let me know!

Now that many of the trails are starting to open up more, I will start talking about the snow bridge to Gannett. It’s still there and will be for the next couple of weeks. I’ll do my best to keep you readers posted when it starts to disappear.

Lakes in the Winds are starting to show signs of ice off, so get ready for fishing season. Along with fishing season, bug season is officially here. The mosquitoes are emerging from a long winter and are out searching for blood, so bring bug spray.

As always, please respect the woods, be bear aware, and leave no trace!


Additional Resources:

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11 Responses

  1. Joe
    | Reply

    Good beta, Dalan!
    Thank you for doing this.

  2. Peter
    | Reply
    Not sure if this is a public open group, but the description talks of deep drifts and avalanche tracks as recently as the 29th of June.
    Full on alpine conditions !! Yipee

  3. wes witt
    | Reply

    i saw a post on reddit yesterday showing picture of jackass pass and it’s totally snow free,

  4. CC
    | Reply

    This is a fantastic resource I’ve used for years. I post a link to this frequently in the CDT Class of 20## FB page and the Wind Rivers FB page when people ask about the conditions in the Winds. Thanks so very much!

  5. Rebekah
    | Reply

    These updates are very helpful, thank you for keeping us adventurous folk up to date!

  6. Yukonjohn
    | Reply

    Thanks for the reports, always helpful.

  7. Preston
    | Reply

    Thanks Dalan. I’ll keep coming back every Monday. 3 more weeks and we will be there!

  8. Nathan
    | Reply

    Thanks Dylan! I left a report with your staff yesterday as I just returned from climbing Gannett on the 3rd.

  9. Paul
    | Reply

    Thanks for the info Dalan. We are looking at starting on the 21st of July from Big Sandy Trail Head. The first day will take us over Texas and Jackass passes, so any info regarding snow on those would be appreciated.

  10. Heather
    | Reply

    Very, very helpful! I appreciate this!

  11. Charles L
    | Reply

    Thank you. Anxiously awaiting your next update 🙂 Starting my journey up Gannett on Thursday.

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