Trail Conditions Report 7/12/2023

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Hiking in the Winds


Ahoy trail people, SOOO much change since the last trail report.

The Cirque – BOOM, OPEN. Titcomb Basin – BOOM, OPEN. The Highline – BOOM, OPEN.

It’s time in the Winds, but there are still things that we need to be aware of to keep us safe out there. We still have a lot of high water crossings out there, but rivers are dropping fast, so they should get easier as the season goes on. Mosquitoes are really starting to make an appearance across the range, but totally manageable with the correct gear, just like all outdoor activities.

If you are shooting for Wyoming’s high point this month, it’s looking good. There is still some snow on the south side of Bonnie Pass. There will be some talus on your hike down to the glacier. The snow bridge going up the main route to Gannett is still in play, and it will stay that way for the next couple of weeks. If you do summit Gannett, let me know about your hike conditions, and if you dare, send me some photos:

Pinedale had a wonderful last week with Independence Day and Green River Rendezvous festivities. It kept some trailheads busy with day hikers, but it’s backpacking season now! The only area in the range where I don’t have a confirmed report of no snow is past Three Forks Park continuing up to Summit Lake and Elbow Lake. Don’t let that stop you if you are coming up for a trip in that area. My gut is saying that it’s clean with little snow. 


Big Sandy Trailhead (9,085′) – Snow Depth: 0″
Big Sandy Trailhead is open. Trails are in good shape leading up to the passes themselves. Jackass Pass is pretty much snow-free, Texes and other passes in that area will have snow on them but excellent boot tracks. 

Scab Creek Trailhead (8,200′) – Snow Depth: 0″
Scab Creek Trailhead is open. All the high alpine meadows in this section of the range are good, but if you are headed into Bonneville Basin, expect snow and lakes over 11,000 feet to have some ice on them.

Boulder Lake Trailhead (7,300′) – Snow Depth: 0″
Boulder Lake Trailhead is open and the trails are in good shape. Enjoy the miles!

Elkhart Park Trailhead (9,350′) – Snow Depth: 0″
Elkhart Park Trailhead is open. We had some employees make it into Titcomb Basin last week to fish Mistake Lake. The trails were a little wet at some points, and plan to get a little wet around Seneca Lake. In the basin itself, both lakes in Titcomb were ice-free. Mistake Lake still holds ice.

Spring Creek Trailhead (8,200′) – Snow Depth: 0″
Spring Creek Trailhead is open. Glimpse Lake Trail has yet to be cleared of downed trees past Glimpse Lake. Trapper Creek Trail is ready to hike all the way to its link-up with the Highline Trail.

New Fork Lakes Trailhead (7,900′) – Snow Depth: 0″
New Fork Lakes Trailhead is open. You can connect this trailhead to the CDT and beyond. Some small patches of snow could be hanging around in the canyons on northern aspects, but overall, it is ready to go.

Green River Lakes Trailhead (8,040′) – Snow Depth: 0″

Green River Lakes Trailhead is open. Easy hiking to Three Forks Park, but just past that area, headed towards Summit Lake, you will encounter some snow. 


As always, please use good decision-making while out and have fun!


Additional Resources:

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15 Responses

  1. Lorri
    | Reply

    Thanks for the updates. I start obsessively looking at these reports in midJuly for my annual 10 day wander in August. Think it’s time to pop over to the east side and back again. (Will pick up my fishing permit at the shop in Pinedale)

  2. Jim
    | Reply

    Trip report: Big Sandy July 12-15 – incredibly low volume of people at the trailhead and on the trail. Amazing weather. Nearly unbearable mosquitos but still worth it! Hiked into and camped at Clear lake for four days. Black Joe Creek crossing was no different than normal despite the heavy winter.
    Day hike to Deep, Temple, Miller, Rapid lakes and then Black Joe lake. Ice flows and icebergs still sitting on part of Temple lake. No bears, no sign of bears – my 12 year streak of no bears continues…I really don’t think they live there 🙂 Some patches of snow in a few areas in the trees but should be gone in a few days. Great trip!

  3. Ben Shaw
    | Reply

    Any reports on conditions in Knapsack Col and Texas Pass?

    • Product Entry
      | Reply

      We haven’t gotten any updates on Knapsack Col yet, but there are several groups out attempting it now so hopefully they will bring us an update in the next week or so. The last update we had on Texas pass was that there is still some snow, but people are doing it without crampons. I hope this helps!

  4. Brian Crockett
    | Reply

    How high are the pole creek crossings

  5. Rebekah
    | Reply

    Any new updates on Titcomb?

  6. Jason
    | Reply

    Also wondering about Titcomb. Headed up there with my son this Tuesday. Seeing chance of thunderstorms all week on AllTrails 🤪

    • Product Entry
      | Reply

      Its looking like starting Wednesday the 2nd, We are going to see a lot of rain though Saturday the 5th.

  7. William
    | Reply

    Is there a place I can see the weather up at the Titcomb Basin or should I just be checking the weather at Pinedale on

  8. eric
    | Reply

    We hiked up boulder creek trail to Ethel lake and then onto North Fork lake. This was july 4th(i know it was early) and def. no snow on the trails. Around North Fork lake there are several blowdowns but if u are athletic u can get through or around them. Didn’t see a whole lot of hikers beyond Ethel lake. Boulder Creek was high i guess. I don’t ever go this route so it was all new to me. The fishing in Boulder Creek was hard with spin cast and tenkara. My assumption was the creek is pretty high and that caused the fish to just go where ever they wanted and not be confined to holes. As always the winds are amzing and we had a blast.


  9. Candace Renger
    | Reply

    Wondering about Hailey Pass conditions. I’m going to hike the Hailey Pass/Lizard Head loop. Wondering if we’ll need spikes or axes and if there are any big crossings to aim to hit in the mornings? Ty!

    • Product Entry
      | Reply

      Hi Candace!

      The last update I had on that area was that there may still be a little now on Hailey Pass, but not so much as should require an ice ax or crampons. I like to take my micro spikes with me if I’m going to be hitting any of the high passes in the Winds as a precaution, but that’s up to you and may not be necessary. If you can, maybe consider planning your milage so you can get over Hailey Pass early in the morning, just to avoid any chance of afternoon storms. I would do the same thing with the Lizard Head trail, as once you leave tree line you are high and exposed for a long time. Mileage planning/camp sites for the rest of the hike will just depend upon how many nights you want to be out and which pass you’re taking back (Washakie, Texas, or Jackass). I hope this helps!

  10. Rebekah
    | Reply

    Any recent updates on Titcomb Basin from Elkhart Park?

    • Tom loparco
      | Reply

      Just call the great outdoor shop, they have someone available for Info if available. I called, was worth it. I’ll be headed for Titcomb basin next week. Enjoy.

  11. Tom Loparco
    | Reply

    Sure miss the trail updates. Maybe you could post something once a month or every 2 unless there is something important. Love the site, thanks for sharing.

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