Northern Lights above the Wind River Range


Howdy, trail friends!

A lot is starting to open up around here west of the Divide, and spring is well underway! For the trails that have opened up, you can hike back about six to eight miles before you run into any real snow. Trails will be muddy, and you will have some water crossings. You can get in some miles in some of the lower elevation hikes down in the foothills of the range that will be dry for the most part and have been in good shape.

There is still quite a bit of snow up high, but with snow melting every day, we will be able to start creeping deeper and deeper into the range. When looking at the SnowTel map, the southern range is still trying to hold onto snow. Big Sandy is sitting at 219%, Hobbs Park at 139%, and Deer Park at 170%. So it looks like we have some time before it’s really game on. We have had a bunch of this season’s new employees getting out and after it: Green River Lakes, Blueberry Lake, Climbing in Sinks Canyon. 

A few weekends ago, most states, and most certainly Wyoming, got to experience seeing the northern lights. I was one of the lucky few to get to watch the light showjust outside of town, but can only imagine seeing them from somewhere in the Winds. 


Big Sandy Trailhead (9,085′) – CLOSED
Snowpack is still at 219%. I have yet to talk to anyone who has driven into Big Sandy this year. Big Sandy and Elkhart Park are usually the last ones to open.

Scab Creek Trailhead (8,200′) – OPEN
Trailhead is accessible.

Boulder Lake Trailhead (7,300′) – OPEN
Boulder Lake Trailhead is accessible.

Elkhart Park Trailhead (9,350′) – CLOSED
Snowpack is still at 10%. I know a few locals who have made it up to the trailhead with larger vehicles; there are no first-hand reports of anybody making it out to Sacred Rim.

Spring Creek Trailhead (8,200′) –  OPEN
4WD and high clearance are highly recommended.

New Fork Lakes Trailhead (7,900′) – OPEN
Able to hike a ways up the New Fork canyon. No reports of hikers on the Double Top Trail yet but guessing you can make it a couple of miles once on the ridge. 

Green River Lakes Trailhead (8,040′) – OPEN
The road into the Upper Green River Lakes is now open and dry a good chunk of the way, but count on running into some mud and washboard sections.


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