Trail Conditions Report 5/22/2024

  Howdy, trail friends! A lot is starting to open up around here west of the Divide, and spring is well underway! For the trails that have opened up, you can hike back about six to eight miles before you run into any real snow. Trails will be muddy, and you will have some water […]

Trail Conditions Report 4/30/2024

    We are back with trail reports for the 2024 hiking season!  Not much is going on so far with springtime here west of the divide, so for now, we wait until dry trails and bugs! The winter here in Pinedale felt warmer and drier than most, but that doesn’t mean our snowpack is […]

Trail Conditions Report 7/12/2023

  Ahoy trail people, SOOO much change since the last trail report. The Cirque – BOOM, OPEN. Titcomb Basin – BOOM, OPEN. The Highline – BOOM, OPEN. It’s time in the Winds, but there are still things that we need to be aware of to keep us safe out there. We still have a lot […]

Trail Conditions Report 7/3/2023

  Ahoy, enthusiasts! A very wet June is ending, and looking towards July, we are heading into a dry weather pattern. We will still see some nighttime alpine thunderstorms and light rain, but nothing like the consistently wet June we have had. Watching the mountains from the valley, it feels like you can see the […]

Trail Conditions Report 6/20/2023

  Ahoy again, trail folks! Here in Sublette County, we have had a lot of rain. In Pinedale, we are sitting at about double the normal average rainfall – it is helping the snow melt, but not as fast as 80 degrees and sunny days would. We also had a small, short cold snap on […]

Trail Conditions Report 6/13/2023

  Ahoy, trail people! Not too much melting has been going on in the range—some, but not a lot. You can make it a few steps further on the trail every day. It has been a rainy few weeks here in Pinedale, and I’ve watched it rain at 12,000 feet all over the range the […]

Trail Conditions Report 6/5/2023

  Spring is in full swing!   We’ve had lots of rain this last week, and it’s starting to look very green out there. Any water crossings should be approached wisely and thoughtfully. Water will likely be moving more swiftly than appearances let on. Along those same lines, use care when selecting a campsite that […]

Trail Conditions Report 5/29/2023

  Alright people, things are happening in the range. We have had a lot of melting this past three weeks down low and in the high alpine. You are able to access almost all trailheads on this side of the divide, with the exception of Big Sandy. All the lakes down low across Sublette County […]