Trail Conditions Report 7/18/2022

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Just like that, peak backpacking season is upon us. The Winds’ last vestiges of snow are on their way out and most anywhere you’d want to go is accessible. The stream crossings are down from their spring run-off levels and … Read More

Trail Conditions Report 7/11/2022

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It’s time, folks. The mountains are opening up so fast it’s hard to keep up. Pretty much all of the snow below 11,000 feet is gone, meaning most large loops in the Winds are ready to travel. The Highline Trail … Read More

Trailhead Conditions Report 7/4/2022

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  Pinedale has been hopping lately! We have seen a rush of people flocking to town and to the hills to celebrate the long holiday weekend. With that in mind, a quick reminder for those who might be visiting: fireworks … Read More

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/27/2022

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Ladies and gentleman, the mosquitos have arrived. We knew the day would come, but oh, how badly we wished it wouldn’t. Over the course of the week, we noticed the bugs go from just a little annoying to full-on feasting. … Read More

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/21/2022

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An awesome amount of snow melted out of the Winds this week. Even a cursory glance from town reveals that the steep south- and west-facing aspects of the highest peaks are baring their granite. This doesn’t mean that the trails … Read More

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/13/2022

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The word of the week: MELTOFF. At last, it’s begun in the high alpine of the Winds. Those consistent additions of snow I mentioned last week have slowed down. The only snow in the forecast is about two inches expected … Read More

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/6/2022

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UPDATED: 6/7/2022 It’s starting to feel a lot like summer down here in the valley, but snow is still falling on the high country. Elevations over 9,400′ saw new accumulation this week. We’re patiently waiting on that high snowpack to … Read More

Trailhead Conditions Report 5/30/2022

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UPDATE: New snow fall over the weekend returned snowline back down to around 9,400′. Reports show a couple new inches of snow at Elkhart Park and much more over 10,000′. Oh, how good it is to see green again! Aspen … Read More

Trailhead Conditions Report 5/23/2022

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We’ve reached that point in the year when the low country has said “farewell” to winter. The snow below 9,000’ elevation is gone for good, or so we hope. The front country lakes including Fremont Lake, Half Moon Lake, Boulder … Read More

Trailhead Conditions Report 5/16/2022

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The whipping winds kept most of us inside for the better part of last week, but the sun stayed hard at work melting the snow. The next few days will bring lots of sunshine and temperatures reaching the upper 60s … Read More

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