Sales Associate

Whenever I’m asked why I picked Pinedale and the Great Outdoor Shop, I tell them two things: 1) it’s far away from Georgia, and 2) the Wind River Range. Since I started climbing three years ago, climbing big mountains have been my goal. Being able to go where few have trod fuels me. In addition to climbing, I enjoy fly fishing, the occasional beer, reruns of Seinfeld, dirty jokes and that split second before you sneeze ( who doesn’t??). For the time being, Pinedale is home, and I hope to do lots of skiing and ice climbing in the upcoming winter!

Random fact: I sometimes pretend I’m colorblind.

Favorite song: “Banned in DC”, by Bad Brains

Quote: “There is no such thing as exaggerated art. There is salvation only in extremes.” -Paul Gauguin