Josh is a machine in a plain gray hoodie. And plain gray pants. And plain gray shoes. There’s a lot of gray, okay? For him, a day out usually involves huge distances, huge elevations, huge fish or ideally, all three. Whether climbing, backpacking, fly fishing, snowboarding or ice climbing, he is determined to make the most out of each outing, and it usually means he’s going alone, which he is totally okay with. He’ll like summit Gannett Peak in under 24 hours car to car and casually say, “It’s just walking.” Yeah, and Hell is just a sauna, Josh. Good job trying to relate to normal people, bud.

His hobbies include alpine starts, hockey, wearing sunscreen and drinking roughly 37 cups of strong black coffee every day.

He once won an award for the most patient person on the planet. When he was a kid he actually counted how many licks it took to get to the center of the Tootsie Roll Pop and in a move of pure audacious confidence, SENT IT IN TO THE COMPANY like, “Hey guys, I solved it.” That is a total lie-Laura was the one who actually did that, but honestly, it’s more believable to think it was Josh. He puts up with all of Laura’s harebrained ideas better than anyone else in the world and must find her clumsiness and general chaos endearing, because damn. But (!) he’s one of those really quiet but deep-down-ornery guys. You know the type: they keep to themselves and never raise their voices but in secret they’re ornery as hell and cause all sorts of problems for reactive people (like Laura in particular). Then, when they’re caught out, no one ever believes that they’re capable of doing that stuff because they’re so nice and quiet. Yeah. He’s just like that. Don’t be fooled.

He is a creature of habit and I swear to ravioli he’s eaten a toasted bagel with pepperjack cheese every single day at 10 am for the past twenty years without fail. You could set your watch by this. Crackers and cheese by 3 pm. Every day. For twenty years. As of this writing, that’s 7,305 days IN A ROW, taking leap years into account. That’s a lot of bagels, cheese, and crackers, you know? His appetite is incredible. You’d never know it to look at him, but he’s a secret beast.

He absolutely hates board games but will destroy anyone at Pac-Man. He likes computers and programming and nerdy stuff like that. His computer background is a 3D Magic Eye puzzle of dinosaurs getting onto a UFO with Al Capone in the foreground manning a lemonade stand.

Josh is the steady one of the group. He keeps us all in check and on task. Or at least he tries, which is more of an effort than the staff in general (and most especially Laura) ever makes.