Retail Staff

We’re not actually sure what her real name even is. She has more aliases than someone who has been in a variety of witness protection programs for their entire life: McKoona, Kenna, Kenny, Kendra, McKenna, Karly McChickennuggetswithhorseradishsauce or whatever. Honestly, you could probably call her whatever you wanted and she’d respond.

She loves Christmas and Valentine’s Day, which is horrible, but hey. We’re working through it.

She comes off all sweet and innocent with that whole blonde-haired-blue-eyed-angelic-smile thing she’s got going on, but then she’ll say something so savage to someone you just have to stand there and stare and be glad she didn’t say it to you. And then she’ll say something else that makes her sound like someone’s chocolate-chip-cookie-baking grandmother so it’s all very confusing.

Just…tread carefully. You really never know what you’re going to get here.