Laura is a backpacker who likes to cover a lot of miles in a ridiculously small amount of time, and the more off-trail routes she can find so much the better.

She has a love/hate relationship with long runs. She can’t sit still for shit. Her hobbies include laughing too loudly, reading literally anything she can get her hands on, drinking an outrageous amount of water and wearing retina-burning, eye-watering color combinations while fishing.

Laura is the founder and director of the annual Wind River Mountain Festival and is the founder and race director for the Surly Pika Adventure Race and The Drift winter ultramarathon. She serves on the Pinedale Travel and Tourism Commission, and was named as one of the Wyoming Business Council’s 40 Under 40 top entrepreneurs in the state.

She is chaotic and by far the clumsiest person in the building. When she comes thundering down the stairs everyone gets out of the way.

She is 100% the mom of this group of misfits, which means that she’ll yell at you for doing stupid stuff, but also teach you how to use a Crock Pot and feed you muffins when you’re sad.

She owns a shiny red cape.

She is not a hugger. So don’t touch her. Ever. And if you decide to try anyway, just know that she was a boxer and will shut you DOWN without hesitation.

Her facial expressions will tell you exactly what she’s thinking even before her mouth does.

Laura is not the predictable one of the group-that’s Josh. Laura has been known to waltz in the door with a bucket of water balloons. Or suddenly engage in a pool noodle or nerf gun battle with whomever she comes across, staff or customer alike. You just never really know what goes on in that head of hers. She always says that Josh provides the rhythm and she provides the soul. And that’s exactly how it is.