Micah doesn’t look like this anymore because this picture is from like 38 years ago, but thanks to the powers of Castle Grayskull and the internet, Laura stumbled upon it and it’s just.too.good. Let’s see how long it can stay as his bio picture until he notices. In real life Micah is the nicest Nacho Libre ever, and would never say “Your Mom” to anyone, so we’re not sure why this picture exists in the first place. Micah works in the Great Outdoor Shop in the winter, at our sister store Two Rivers Fishing Company in the summers, and is also an experienced fishing guide from the Sweetwater Guide School, so you know…just a well-rounded guy who stays super busy. He has a great sense of humor, is a perpetually happy person, and we truly enjoy him even though everyone (really just Laura) gives him a lot of crap. He is currently making a guidebook of Laura’s facial expressions.

He loves dogs, memes and basketball.

He hates wheat.