Sales Associate

The Farrand family moved to Pinedale, Wyoming from Palo Alto, California in 1997. Quinn was two when they made the 1000 mile trek. From that point onward, life climbed steadily uphill. Quinn has skied and occasionally raced since she was three and has cultivated a love of sports her entire life. When she graduated from Pinedale High School she continued to play soccer on in college. Growing up in Pinedale was one of the greatest blessings she lists in her life. The summers spent camping and hiking around Fremont lake and out of Elkhart Park are cherished memories. Quinn is persistent and will not rest until something goes her way, even if that way is a hissing-pone cat finding its way in her lap. However, she is very indecisive, after graduating from Sheridan College in the Spring of 2015, Quinn decided to take a gap year and spend her time working at the Great Outdoor Shop and trying to figure out this crazy life. Needless to say, her indecisiveness has paid off tenfold.