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Sierra is Josh and Laura’s daughter and she picks up some hours here and there, mostly for special events or doing photos for advertisements. She’s a full-time student and also works at the local climbing wall when it’s not swim season. Growing up in Pinedale means that she was hitting up the backcountry as a baby, knocking off backpacking trips, climbs and summits from a very young age. She is a powerhouse and a butterfly swimmer. It takes a special kind of person to enjoy the Type Two fun (punishment) of swimming the fly, and she’s that person. She also loves to do squats and lunges because apparently she’s crazy. She adores all animals, and they love her, as witnessed with the random trash panda in this outrageous photo. She’s just as sarcastic, no-nonsense and blunt as Laura, and just as much of a never-tiring endurance machine as Josh. She can out-eat just about anyone. For real.