Trailhead Conditions Report 6/19/2020

As our Spring continues to get weird, the Wind River High Country continues to open up above 10,000 feet. In the southern end of the range (think Boulder Lake and south), expect a snowline hovering around 10,300-10,500 feet. The northern half of the range (Elkhart to Green River Lakes), the snowline still hovers around that […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/11/2020

Just when you think it’s finally summer… You get another 6 inches of snow in town and it melts the next day! That’s just the way things go in Wyoming. All of us at the shop can attest to having seen snow in every month of the year in town and in the Winds! With […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/3/2020

Not much change in the snowpack over the last week. What you will start to notice is the lack of freezing temperatures high in the mountains. Above freezing temperatures have started to wreak havok on the structure of the snow. What we’re seeing is no freeze-thaw cycle of the snowpack below 10,500 feet; for the […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 5/29/2020

Who would have thought that by the end of May we’d be hiking at 10,000 feet in the Wind River Range?! Although the spring skiing is still here in full force, lots of us are really jonesing to start some summer backpacking trips. Over the last week, we’ve received lot of questions about current conditions […]

Trail Conditions Report 5/22/2020

It wouldn’t be Spring-time in Wyoming without two beautiful 70+ degree days followed by five days of snow! Our short term forecast is looking a little bleak for backpacking in the Winds, but for those with an adventurous spirit there are still plenty of options. On a more positive note, Memorial Day is going to […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 7/15/2018

Summer is in full swing, and the Wind River high-country is totally accessible! The current snowline is sitting around 11,000-11,200 feet. Every day the snow comes off faster. Remember that high passes will still hold snow later into July. This is especially important for Bonney Pass, Knapsack Col, Texas Pass and Hailey Pass. Micro spikes […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 7/8/2018

As we ease our way into the core summer months, snow continues to melt. High basins such as Titcomb Basin and the Cirque are accessible, but snow is still present above 10,800 feet. Expect snow on major passes on the popular loops (Texas Pass, Washakie Pass, Hailey Pass, Knapsack Col, Indian Pass). Green River Lakes: […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/30/2018

The warm summer temperatures and afternoon thunderstorms continue to turn snow into water at higher elevations. With the snowline hovering between 10,000 – 10,200 feet, many places above treeline are becoming accessible, albeit with patchy snow and muddy trails. Although we are ahead of schedule for this time of year, we still have some ways […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/16/2018

Snow in the Wind River Range is melting rapidly, and the rivers have stabilized. The snowline is sitting at approximately 9700 – 9800 ft. The warm temperatures and cloudless days continue to contribute to getting into the mountains way ahead of schedule. Not much has changed in the past week, except the snowline rising. Gunsight […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/3/2018

The weather forecast for the next week is sunny with highs in the 70s – it seems like summer may finally be here! The official NOAA weather forecast in Wyoming for the month of June is “dry and sunny”; that’s great news for mountain access. As river levels in the valley continue to rise, snow […]