Trail Conditions Report 7/12/2023

  Ahoy trail people, SOOO much change since the last trail report. The Cirque – BOOM, OPEN. Titcomb Basin – BOOM, OPEN. The Highline – BOOM, OPEN. It’s time in the Winds, but there are still things that we need to be aware of to keep us safe out there. We still have a lot […]

Trail Conditions Report 7/3/2023

  Ahoy, enthusiasts! A very wet June is ending, and looking towards July, we are heading into a dry weather pattern. We will still see some nighttime alpine thunderstorms and light rain, but nothing like the consistently wet June we have had. Watching the mountains from the valley, it feels like you can see the […]

Trail Conditions Report 6/20/2023

  Ahoy again, trail folks! Here in Sublette County, we have had a lot of rain. In Pinedale, we are sitting at about double the normal average rainfall – it is helping the snow melt, but not as fast as 80 degrees and sunny days would. We also had a small, short cold snap on […]

Trail Conditions Report 6/13/2023

  Ahoy, trail people! Not too much melting has been going on in the range—some, but not a lot. You can make it a few steps further on the trail every day. It has been a rainy few weeks here in Pinedale, and I’ve watched it rain at 12,000 feet all over the range the […]

Trail Conditions Report 6/5/2023

  Spring is in full swing!   We’ve had lots of rain this last week, and it’s starting to look very green out there. Any water crossings should be approached wisely and thoughtfully. Water will likely be moving more swiftly than appearances let on. Along those same lines, use care when selecting a campsite that […]

Trail Conditions Report 5/29/2023

  Alright people, things are happening in the range. We have had a lot of melting this past three weeks down low and in the high alpine. You are able to access almost all trailheads on this side of the divide, with the exception of Big Sandy. All the lakes down low across Sublette County […]

Trail Conditions Report 5/1/2023

It’s that time of year again—the time of year when there is not much to report on. It’s still early spring in the Wind River Range after a harsh winter. With a cold and snowy March and April, none of the trail heads are open west of the Continental Divide.  On a recent backcountry ski […]

Trail Conditions Report 7/18/2022

Just like that, peak backpacking season is upon us. The Winds’ last vestiges of snow are on their way out and most anywhere you’d want to go is accessible. The stream crossings are down from their spring run-off levels and the trails aren’t too muddy. The biggest issue now is the inescapable mosquito population, but […]

Trail Conditions Report 7/11/2022

It’s time, folks. The mountains are opening up so fast it’s hard to keep up. Pretty much all of the snow below 11,000 feet is gone, meaning most large loops in the Winds are ready to travel. The Highline Trail is almost clear, but fallen trees in the southern Winds have made for some awfully […]

Fishing Report 7/6/2022

Fishing is still getting better by the day! We are constantly hearing strong reports of large salmon flies, golden stones and drakes. The Green and New Fork have both stabilized and cleared up, and more fish are feeding on the surface every day. It’s officially summertime fishing out there!   Green River: 1270 CFS @ […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 7/4/2022

  Pinedale has been hopping lately! We have seen a rush of people flocking to town and to the hills to celebrate the long holiday weekend. With that in mind, a quick reminder for those who might be visiting: fireworks of any kind are illegal in Sublette County without a permit. The effects of fireworks […]

Fishing Report 6/28/2022

It’s go-time, folks! Drakes, Yellow Sallies and Salmon Flies are all out and about, and the fish have started feeding on top! It’s been a long time coming. It still isn’t quite an all-out frenzy, but the water has stabilized and started to clear up. The water temperatures seem to be the only potential hindrance […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/27/2022

Ladies and gentleman, the mosquitos have arrived. We knew the day would come, but oh, how badly we wished it wouldn’t. Over the course of the week, we noticed the bugs go from just a little annoying to full-on feasting. If you haven’t already, we recommend picking up some DEET — 100% formula is all […]

Fishing Report 6/21/2022

We have seen what we think is the peak of runoff come and go, and we are looking forward to a warm week ahead! The water is still moving quickly, but it’s been a few weeks since this big push began. The fish must eat, and now that they are used to the bigger flows, […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/21/2022

An awesome amount of snow melted out of the Winds this week. Even a cursory glance from town reveals that the steep south- and west-facing aspects of the highest peaks are baring their granite. This doesn’t mean that the trails up high are dry or snow-free, but it’s a big step in that direction, and […]

Fishing Report 6/13/2022

The “big flush” is finally upon us. The rivers are running high, and outside of a few small spring creeks and tailwaters, floating is the ticket. The Green and New Fork rivers are seeing high points in flows for the season, meaning big foam is just around the corner. Although we have heard whispers of […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/13/2022

The word of the week: MELTOFF. At last, it’s begun in the high alpine of the Winds. Those consistent additions of snow I mentioned last week have slowed down. The only snow in the forecast is about two inches expected at elevations above 11,000 feet. Less falling snow plus summer temperatures means the backcountry will […]

Fishing Report 6/6/2022

Well, it’s officially worm season! Early this week, we were still seeing the water drop after the last push of water, but in the past few days, we have seen the weather get hotter, and the water rise. Along with the increase in flow levels comes a decrease in visibility on the rivers. While it […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/6/2022

UPDATED: 6/7/2022 It’s starting to feel a lot like summer down here in the valley, but snow is still falling on the high country. Elevations over 9,400′ saw new accumulation this week. We’re patiently waiting on that high snowpack to start melting off, but these late, consistent additions of snow mean great things for water […]

Fishing Report 5/30/2022

I hope you had a meaningful Memorial Day, folks. Spring has still yet to produce a consistent week of weather. We’ve had rain and snow multiple days per week. Almost all SNOTEL stations are reading above average, so it looks like we will have a great runoff this season. Even after a lackluster winter, we […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 5/30/2022

UPDATE: New snow fall over the weekend returned snowline back down to around 9,400′. Reports show a couple new inches of snow at Elkhart Park and much more over 10,000′. Oh, how good it is to see green again! Aspen trees are budding, grasses are sprouting, and warmer days bring about the omnipresent, bittersweet smell […]