Trailhead Conditions Report 6/17/2017

Because of stranger-than-average weather patterns over the past two weeks, we’re still seeing quite a bit of snow left above 10,000 ft. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday saw rain down low and sporadic snow and sleet up high in the mountains. The snow up high kept temperatures low and added to the snowpack already in place. […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/10/2017

Green River Lakes The road to the trailhead is clear of snow the entire way. The Highline Trail is clear of snow up to Three Forks Park. The Clear Creek Natural Bridge is accessible. Slide Lake is accessible up to the lake camping area. Patchy snow above. Watch for wildlife, especially on the drive in. […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 5/23/2017

As days get warmer (and longer), the snow melts, the rivers rise, and thoughts turn to the mountains. While the snow down in the valley disappears, it seems that up high, winter is far from over. Although the high country will be caked with snow for the next month or so, some of the lower-elevation […]