Fishing Report 7/6/2022

Fishing is still getting better by the day! We are constantly hearing strong reports of large salmon flies, golden stones and drakes. The Green and New Fork have both stabilized and cleared up, and more fish are feeding on the surface every day. It’s officially summertime fishing out there!   Green River: 1270 CFS @ […]

Fishing Report 6/28/2022

It’s go-time, folks! Drakes, Yellow Sallies and Salmon Flies are all out and about, and the fish have started feeding on top! It’s been a long time coming. It still isn’t quite an all-out frenzy, but the water has stabilized and started to clear up. The water temperatures seem to be the only potential hindrance […]

Fishing Report 6/21/2022

We have seen what we think is the peak of runoff come and go, and we are looking forward to a warm week ahead! The water is still moving quickly, but it’s been a few weeks since this big push began. The fish must eat, and now that they are used to the bigger flows, […]

Fishing Report 6/13/2022

The “big flush” is finally upon us. The rivers are running high, and outside of a few small spring creeks and tailwaters, floating is the ticket. The Green and New Fork rivers are seeing high points in flows for the season, meaning big foam is just around the corner. Although we have heard whispers of […]

Fishing Report 6/6/2022

Well, it’s officially worm season! Early this week, we were still seeing the water drop after the last push of water, but in the past few days, we have seen the weather get hotter, and the water rise. Along with the increase in flow levels comes a decrease in visibility on the rivers. While it […]

Fishing Report 5/30/2022

I hope you had a meaningful Memorial Day, folks. Spring has still yet to produce a consistent week of weather. We’ve had rain and snow multiple days per week. Almost all SNOTEL stations are reading above average, so it looks like we will have a great runoff this season. Even after a lackluster winter, we […]

Fishing Report 5/16/2022

Once again, spring weather here in Western Wyoming has proven to be unpredictable, with most days last week having high winds and near-freezing temps. The mountains surrounding our drainage have continued to accumulate and hold moisture, and we are looking forward to a week ahead with blue skies and warmer days. Every week we feel […]

Fishing Report 5/9/2022

  With the boost in moisture throughout April, we welcomed a few sporadic nicer days here in Pinedale, while most of the first week of May has continued to be cooler and a bit wet. We haven’t lost virtually any of our high-country snowpack, but we did get a small bump in CFS on the […]

Fishing Report 4/30/2022

Well, this past month hasn’t exactly been what we expected. We thought it would be 55 degrees and sunny with no heavy winds. But, as Wyoming so often does, it threw us a curveball. April instead gave us weather that was actually good for the watershed. It was a cold, windy, snowy month that bolstered […]

Fishing Report 4/8/2022

Well, folks, Two Rivers Fishing is officially open once again! We are excited to finally get things kicked off with some already great fishing opportunities in the area. As expected, the water is cold, and the fish are sluggish, but that isn’t stopping our staff and locals from tying into some nice fish. Most of […]

Fishing Report 3/2/2022

Happy belated new year, everybody! As expected, the days have been short and cold here in Pinedale. With some solid late December and early January snow we are maintaining solid snowpack levels for both the Wind River Range and the Wyoming Range, even with our recent dry spell. We are currently anticipating a healthy runoff […]

Fishing Report 7/13/2017

The hatch is on! Our annual Grey Drake hatch has made it’s appearance and this year will be one for the books. We are seeing epic numbers of these big, extended-body mayflies on both the Green and the New Fork. Water levels are high and clear with quality fishing from the drift boat or the […]

Fishing Report 6/25/2017

To all the eager anglers out there, IT’S GO TIME! Peak runoff is behind us and river clarity is rapidly improving. Water levels are still high and could make for tough wading conditions for the next week. However, fishing from the boat has been very productive. Your best bet for finding clear water is to […]

Fishing Report: 6/13/2017

Runoff on the Green River has peaked! Flows at the Warren Bridge gauging station reached the seasons highest level on June 10th at about 5,400 cfs. In the 3 days since, river levels have retreated over 30% to 3,770 cfs. This contraction is partially driven by cooler temperatures, and we will likely see the river […]

Fishing Report 6/3/2017

Well, that time of year we all dread has finally arrived. The Green River and New Fork River are both muddy, and unfishable with high runoff flows. We are closely watching our current snowpack and pouring over historical data to estimate when the rivers will return to a fishable state. Temperatures have been trending well […]

Fishing Report 4/29/2017

Happy Casting from the Great Outdoor Shop! This year’s spring weather has been cold, which has cleared up more sections of the Green River and the New Fork River around Pinedale.  If you are planning a trip out west, check back for an up-to-date report on the rivers and flows.  Things could change quickly this […]

Fishing Report 4/11/2017

Due to recent cold snaps, water clarity is back to normal and the fishing has been excellent! Nymphing is a go-to at the moment; however, streamer fishing is always a great choice, as a lot of hungry fish are looking for a bigger meal. As long as clarity and conditions allow, both the Green and […]

Fishing Report 3/20/2017

Spring is upon us! Warmer temperatures have thawed a number of tributaries in the Upper Green River drainage; however, foot access is somewhat limited due to the lingering snowpack. The Green River is holding relatively steady at 127 CFS and is still partially under ice at Warren Bridge; there is open water up higher around […]

Fishing Report 6/28/2016

  Our annual runoff season seems to be coming to a close! We’re seeing the water clear up on both the Green and the New Fork, and flows slowly decreasing to a more normal level. On the Green River, the water flow came down from ~1800 CFS on June 23 to 999 CFS at the […]

Fishing Report 6/12/2016

As of last week, the early summer temperatures started the high-country snow melt and sent the rivers and creeks into runoff. Both the Green and New Fork are high and off-color. The Green River at Warren Bridge is holding steady at 2420 CFS. The Green peaked back on June 9th and has been slowly dropping […]

Fishing Report 5/17/2016

Green River Over the last two weeks, we saw the stream flow on the Green River almost triple. Up from 330 CFS to 1100 CFS, this dramatic change is stream flow has released lot of new mud and sediment into the river, decreasing water clarity dramatically. To clarify, this is not the beginning of runoff, […]