Trailhead Conditions Report 7/24/2021

Wyoming is slowly entering into an “exceptional drought” phase, meaning, “the highest category, exceptional drought, or D4, corresponds to an area experiencing exceptional and widespread crop and pasture losses, fire risk, and water shortages that result in water emergencies.” Please be sure you’re adhering to the fire ban set in place by the Bridger-Teton National […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 7/15/2021

The mountains are finally fully open! Backpackers and trekkers are making their way throughout the entire range snow-free, although those that have been here before may notice that its a bit early for the snow to be gone. We’ve been seeing a heat wave wash over the Mountain West since early June and our area […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/27/2021

The past few days has brought some much needed moisture to the Winds; a low snow year and hotter-than-average temps left us with a very early deficit of water to draw from. Unfortunately this deficit leaves the Mountain West in a precarious position in terms of wildfire risk, and at a very early point in […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/23/2021

Lot of updates for this weeks trail report, but before I begin, I’d like to get everyone thinking about a few things: 1) Please know that the blowdown event the Winds experienced last fall was EXTENSIVE. Now that the mountains are opening up, we’re all seeing how widespread the damage was. Please be patient, as […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/12/2021

The snow under 9800 feet is mostly gone thanks to the warm, late-spring weather we’ve been experiencing the past week. Currently, the snow line sits around 10,000 feet. With warm daytime temps forecasted for the foreseeable future, the snow line will continue to creep upwards. Keep in mind, however, that June is still quite early […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 6/5/2021

A little late this week, but there have been a few changes around the mountains in the past week. If you’ve seen the weather forecast, you’ve seen that its been hot! This is good news for mountain access. The snow line is hovering around the 9800 feet mark, but the snow at that elevation is […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 5/28/2021

The cruddy spring weather seems to want to linger, even as we inch our way towards late-spring and early-summer. Above 9,800 feet, 6-12 inches fell over the last few days, keeping the high-country covered for a little longer. Believe me when I say that the warmer weather promised to us for the next few days […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 5/21/2021

Over the past week, the snowline has receded radically. Only a week ago, Elkhart park was inaccessible and under 10 inches of snow; two days ago, I drove up there for the first time this year. A cursory glance from the highway reveals the range seems to be melting rapidly. As the freezing line moves […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 5/13/2021

Trails and trailheads below 9000 feet continue to melt as the warmer days look to be sticking around; in general, you can expect the snow line to be hovering around 8700-9000 feet, depending on the aspect and elevation. Over the last few days, the northern Winds received around 12 inches of new snow over 11,500 […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 5/5/2021

Though many get frustrated with the ups and downs of spring, you have to embrace the moods of the mountains. Locals call the sub-season of March, April and May “mud season”, and for good reason too. It can be frustrating to know that trails are hikeable, but muddy. As seasonal winter wildlife closures ease, I’m […]

Trailhead Conditions Report 4/14/2021

As the first wave of warm, spring days give way to the typical windy, brisk days of April, we’re reminded that we are both quite close but also far from the pleasant Wyoming summers we all know and love. The highs lately (in the valley) have been hovering around the low-to-mid 40s, with unusually high […]

State of the Snowpack: 3/25/2021

As we dive head-first into Spring – which officially started March 20th – we’ve unknowingly stumbled into one of the driest March’s I can remember. Most of the ground snow in town is gone, but the mountains seem to be holding on! The high mountains continue to stay cold above 11,000 feet, but there is […]

State of the Snowpack: 2/19/2021

Like most of the country, Wyoming is experiencing an atypical winter. We started off with a hefty dry spell here around Pinedale, but have slowly been engulfed by a southern-trending jet stream that’s bringing lots of much-needed moisture to the mountains. If you’re looking for the snow, we have it now; but many of you […]