Experience the best fly fishing Wyoming has to offer!

The Great Outdoor Shop is proud to offer guided fly fishing trips on some of the finest and most secluded trout water in Wyoming. The Wind River Range boasts both the Green River and the New Fork River, and our guides have been fishing and guiding on these waters for over three decades. We cater to anglers of all abilities, and our guides strive to make your adventure the best it can be. Whether you are looking for a float trip down one of our fish-rich rivers, a guided wading day, or even guide-instructed lessons, our expert, local guides will deliver an unforgettable day fly fishing the greatest water Wyoming has to offer.

The Great Outdoor Shop has over 30 years of experience operating guided fly fishing trips on our waters. As one of Wyoming's longest running guide services, we employ only the most knowledgeable, local guides at a price that can't be beat.

All fishing is done from fourteen-foot, low-profile drift boats, which our highly-trained guides prefer for navigating the often narrow streams, and which give the anglers more intimate contact with the river environment. Although our rivers have no real white-water, their small size make them a challenge to row and our experienced guides work hard behind the oars to get their clients to the best places for the fish. Trips are available for sections on both the Green River and the New Fork River.

Your guided fly fishing trip will include:

  • Use of a premium fly rod and reel
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Beverages
  • A fun, memorable day of fishing

What you need:

  • Wyoming state fishing license
  • Sun protection
  • Bug spray
  • Rain gear
  • Flies and leader

Green River

Fly fishing the Green River - Pinedale, Wyoming


Float Trips starting at $650.00

The headwaters of the Green River start as a small glacial-fed stream in the northern Wind River mountain range. The deep emerald and teal glacial run-off gives the Green its name, with the water growing darker in color as it rushes down from the mountains into the valleys below. It initially flows into a pair of large lakes in a glacier-carved valley before emerging suddenly as a fast-flowing freestone river. As it winds through the valley it widens and slows, and begins to work its way south, ultimately joining the Colorado River to run through the Grand Canyon. The good bank structure of the Green River provides holding ground for wild Brown Trout, while the freestone qualities created at the headwaters hold a strong population of hard-fighting Rainbow Trout.

The Green River offers exciting fly fishing to any type of angler, from beginner to advanced. Trophy Browns and Rainbows can surprise experienced anglers who work hard on the Green, although the waters are friendly for first-time anglers as well. Our guides work hard to ensure a great day on the river. We float many different sections on the Green River from the epic 17-mile Forest Boundary/Warren Bridge #12 stretch to the classic Hatchery/Daniel Bridge stretch. Each float offers unique attractions and experiences, and your day on the river is sure to be one you'll never forget.


New Fork River

Fly fishing the New Fork River - Pinedale, Wyoming


Float Trips starting at $650.00

The New Fork River starts high in the Wind River Range as a glacial-fed stream before flowing into the two New Fork Lakes, just north of Pinedale. From the lakes it winds down the Green River Valley as a small stream through the town of Pinedale, gathering up smaller streams from other Wind River drainages. While it widens after merging with Duck Creek, it remains a small, quiet-flowing stream. The New Fork flows through grass-filled meadows, benches of swaying cottonwood trees, and looming creekside bluffs. As it winds its way south, it eventually merges with the Green River to rendezvous with the Grand Canyon. Lots of willows and tall shady trees provide a wonderful hideout for moose and predatory birds such as osprey, eagles, hawks, and falcons.

The New Fork River can be a challenging float for beginning anglers due to its narrow size and the tight winding river bends. However, our guides work hard on the oars to navigate this small stream and put the anglers where they need to be, whether our clients are beginners or advanced fishermen. The streamside willows, grassy undercut banks, and sharp turns provide an excellent habitat for German Brown Trout, hard-fighting Rainbow Trout, and the ever-tenacious Cutthroat. Fly fishing the New Fork River is a worthy challenge to any angler, and is certain to be a memorable one.