Abel TR Fly Reel
ABEL TR Fly Reel

The return of a classic. The new Abel TR stays true to the roots of the original, but with a striking modern design and feel. The partial porting of the frame draws from the Abel lineage, and its unique features … Read More

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abel vaya fly reel, native brown
ABEL Vaya Fly Reel

VAYA: Spanish for ‘Go!’, as in go outside, go explore, go fishing!  Crafted by avid Colorado anglers, the VAYA series debuts an all-new technical look and feel paired with outstanding performance. The partially-ported VAYA frame offers the unique combination of … Read More

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airflo switch streamer fly line
AIRFLO Switch Streamer Fly Line

New to the two hand game, and aren’t quite sure what to line that new switch rod with? Airflo made it easy. An evolutionary step from our popular Skagit Scout design, the Super-DRI Streamer Switch features an aggressive front taper with a shorter, … Read More

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CLIFF'S Bugger Beast Jr. Fly Box
CLIFF Bugger Beast JR Fly Box

Everybody’s favorite streamer box.  Deep slit foam will hold just about any size hook from mid-sized dries to the nastiest musky bugs.  Don’t have one yet?  Now you do.

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Douglas Sky G Fly Rod

The distinguished SKY G excels in presenting dry flies precisely and delicately with minimal effort. The SKY G 5wt also stands out as a superior indicator, nymph, and bugger rod when the conditions call for it.  Features: Winner of Yellowstone … Read More

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DOUGLAS Upstream+
DOUGLAS Upstream+ Fly Rod

The Upstream PLUS provides more power than the Douglas Upstream ultra-lite series. It gives the angler a solid up-locking reel seat for fighting larger fish. Most importantly, it provides a slightly faster action that makes the Upstream PLUS a great … Read More

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DR. SLICK Barb Clamp
DR. SLICK Barb Clamp

A crushing beast.  This is designed to handle destruction of most hook barbs in fresh and salt water. With smooth jaws and spring loaded action, this plier easily handles most streamside tasks. Not just for fly anglers, this item is … Read More

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echo gecko fly rod kit
ECHO Gecko Fly Rod and Reel Kit

The Gecko is the ultimate fishing tool for little guys and gals. With a modest, forgiving action and kid/hippy-friendly cosmetics, the Gecko is ready for action. Featuring a small lower grip for two-handed casting, the Gecko can be fished with … Read More

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FISHE Forceps, Groovy Grayling
FISHE Forceps

Add a splash of color to your next Fly Fishing adventure with these Fishe Forceps! Made of surgical grade steel for maximum performance and longevity. Featuring Fishe’s most popular patterns, these essential tools will accent your Fishe collection! Features Surgical … Read More

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FISHE Nippers, Groovy Grayling
FISHE Nippers

Add a splash of color to your next Fly Fishing adventure with the Fishe Nippers! Wide-bodied for comfort, and able to cut anything from 50 pound hard mono to 7x tippets with ease- these nippers are more than functional, they are … Read More

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FISHE Reel Case, Troutrageous Rainbow
FISHE Reel Case

Protecting your fly reel is important, but protecting it in style is even more important!  These durable, high quality neoprene reel cases feature an extra large over-rod flap, water vents, thick neoprene, and durable velcro to keep your reels protected … Read More

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