douglas dxf fly rod

The DXF premium proven tapers are a combination of modern action and carbon matrix with a traditional fit and finish. DXF is tailored toward most species and environments with a pulse on current angling practices. It anticipates the full confidence … Read More

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Douglas Sky fly rod

Winner of “Best Overall Rod” in George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler 6-WT Shootout The Douglas Sky series is the pinnacle for fast action, extreme performance salt and freshwater fly rods. This series of versatile four piece rods are constructed with patented … Read More

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Douglas Sky G Fly Rod

The distinguished SKY G excels in presenting dry flies precisely and delicately with minimal effort. The SKY G 5wt also stands out as a superior indicator, nymph, and bugger rod when the conditions call for it.  Features: Winner of Yellowstone … Read More

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Douglas Upstream Fly Rod
DOUGLAS Upstream Fly Rod

The Upstream lineup from Douglas Outdoors brings eight unique, ultra-lite fly rods to the game. Each rod is designed to have a minimum, but high function approach to bush and upcountry fishing environments. The challenge of both close casting and … Read More

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DOUGLAS Upstream+
DOUGLAS Upstream+ Fly Rod

The Upstream PLUS provides more power than the Douglas Upstream ultra-lite series. It gives the angler a solid up-locking reel seat for fighting larger fish. Most importantly, it provides a slightly faster action that makes the Upstream PLUS a great … Read More

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echo 3 fly rod
ECHO 3 Fly Rod

The 3 Series is Echo’s longest-running rod series for good reason:  They have the action, power and component configuration that any freshwater angler can appreciate.  The ECHO 3 manages to give that “crisp” casting feel without losing its ability to … Read More

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Echo boost salt fly rod
ECHO Boost Salt Fly Rod

It’s fast, it’s light, and it sends.  The Boost Salt is built for anglers with an aggressive casting stroke to achieve maximum line speed.  It’s the perfect rod for aggressive casters who can’t live without that modern, fast-action rod feel.   … Read More

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echo gecko fly rod kit
ECHO Gecko Fly Rod and Reel Kit

The Gecko is the ultimate fishing tool for little guys and gals. With a modest, forgiving action and kid/hippy-friendly cosmetics, the Gecko is ready for action. Featuring a small lower grip for two-handed casting, the Gecko can be fished with … Read More

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Echo TR fly rod

Tim Rajeff’s fast action two hander.  Built with a beefy butt section for those abrupt, bottom-hand power applications.  Touch and go to Skagit casting, floating lines to big sink tips.  It’s dialed. Features: Four piece travel design Blank:  Glossy green … Read More

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orvis clearwater fly rod
ORVIS Clearwater Fly Rod

This collection of Clearwater rods is perfect for anglers who fish primarily in freshwater—they come in multiple line weights that will cover any freshwater fishing scenarios. Available in a variety of lengths, Orvis Clearwater rods have you covered whether you’re … Read More

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Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit
ORVIS Encounter Fly Rod Outfit

Enter the world of fly fishing with ease, with affordable Encounter fly rods. Orvis offers these economy fly rod outfits in the most popular sizes and line weights, so that there is no guessing on your part. Complete with fly … Read More

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Orvis Helios 3F Fly Rod
ORVIS Helios 3F Fly Rod

Incredible power, deadly accuracy, and impressive feel are part and parcel of Orvis Helios 3F fly rods. Not only have they built a super lightweight rod in the Helios 3, but it also offers a crisp feel in hand for … Read More

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