LOKSAK OPSAK Odor-Proof Barrier Bags, 7" x 7"
LOKSAK OPSAK Odor-Proof Barrier Bags

The O.P.SAK (Odor-Proof SAK) is a 100% odor-proof barrier bag that uses a non-gusset, odor-proof film design and is FDA approved. You can store food undetected to bears and other pests in the backcountry by sealing them in the OPSAK. … Read More

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Ursack Major Bear-proof Bag, Black
URSACK Major XL Bear-proof Bag

·       Certified Bear Resistant ·       Material:  UHMWP ·       Weight:  8.8 oz ·       Capacity:  about 15 Liters  (approx. 7+ days of food for 1 person) ·       Flexible ·       Cord:  6 foot–high tensile strength ·       Recommend:  Odor Barrier Bag  (OP Sak 12 x … Read More

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