Make more time for adventure with this premium, rugged GPS handheld and satellite communicator. Get inReach® technology that enables two-way messaging, interactive SOS alerts and location sharing1 plus mapping to keep you on course. Features DIMENSION 2.5” x 6.4” x 1.4” (6.2 … Read More

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GARMIN InReach Messenger Black
GARMIN InReach Messenger

If you’re venturing off the grid, this small, rugged satellite communicator1 goes beyond the limits of cellular networks to keep friends and family in reach with global two-way text messaging. Features inReach Messenger Type A to Type C USB cable Documentation

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LIBERTY MOUNTAIN Silva Explorer 2.0 Compass
SILVA Explorer 2.0 Compass

If you are looking for a basic but yet functional compass for your outdoor adventure, Explorer should be your choice. Explorer features DryFlex™ grip for easy handling and comes with a use-anywhere declination scale inside the capsule, a magnifying lens, … Read More

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LIBERTY MOUNTAIN Silva Guide 2.0 Compass
SILVA Guide 2.0 Compass

A traditional mirror sighting compass commonly used by serious compass users such as hikers, mountaineers, backpackers and hunters. A mirror sighting compass should be your choice when you must determine direction over long distances. With the mirror tilted to a … Read More

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LIBERTY MOUNTAIN Silva Starter 1-2-3 Compass
SILVA Starter 1-2-3 Compass

The SILVA Starter 1-2-3 combines simplicity with comfort and will become a reliable companion in all situations. The distinct arrow and scales/markings in a clear contemporary font combined with lots of transparency in the baseplate make navigating easier. The compass … Read More

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