BLACK DIAMOND GlideLite Mix Kicker Climbing Skin

Takes fast and light to a new dimension. The GlideLite Mohair Mix Kicker Climbing Skin is an ultralight half skin that will make the minimalist rando racer giddy with delight. Black Diamond used quick-gliding mohair to keep this skin light … Read More

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BLACK DIAMOND Glop Stopper Skin Wax

Smooth the plush, increase the glide—use Glop Stopper Wax on your skin fabric to keep waterlogged snow from sticking and weighing down your skins. A must for spring tours or temperature inversions.

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BLACK DIAMOND Gold Adhesive Skin Glue

Some of the most reliable, durable, determined skin glue ever made, Black Diamond Gold Label Adhesive comes in a 2.8 fluid ounce tube for easy application. For touch ups Increasing the longevity of your skins

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BLACK DIAMOND Powder Baskets

The Black Diamond Powder Basket features a hard-biting inner Diameter design that gives good grip in packed snow. The 100 mm Diameter basket with inner circle of grippy teeth for bite ensures that no slippage occurs.

$7.95 $6.95
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Quickdraw Tour Avalanche Probe-320
BLACK DIAMOND QuickDraw Tour Avalanche Probe

Consider a probe an absolute essential, not simply an accessory. Arm yourself with one of the best with Black Diamond. QuickDraw system combines with new speed cone ferrules for fast deployment and a tough, smooth outer surface that cuts through … Read More

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This kit contains two replacement STS tail straps, clips and hardware.

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Burton mens flight attendant snowboard 2019
BURTON Men’s Flight Attendant Snowboard – 2019

Prepare for take-off with a board that makes waves for its abilities to carve and catch air. Designed to be a terrain-slaying alternative to more traditional twin shapes, the Burton Flight Attendant is a free spirit that dissects both pow … Read More

$549.95 $439.96
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Burton Invader Snowboard Boots 2017 Black Side
BURTON Men’s Invader Snowboarding Boot – 2019

Take over the entire mountain with the Total Comfort and soft flexing support of the easiest boot in snowboarding. Simple, comfortable, and built to last, the Burton Invader boot is our softest flexing option with upgrades that are all about … Read More

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Burton Men's Moto Boa Snowboarding Boots, Black
BURTON Men’s Moto Boa Snowboarding Boots – 2019

In the Burton lineup for 17 years, the Burton Moto Boa Men’s Snowboard Boots have got some serious staying power. Riders who are looking for a high-performing soft-flexing boot can’t do any better than the Moto Boa. The Total Comfort … Read More

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Burton Men's Moto Snowboarding Boots, Black
BURTON Men’s Moto Snowboarding Boots – 2016

For 14 years now the Burton Moto Snowboard Boots remain the world’s bestsellers. Why are they so good? Well, take Shrinkage Footprint Reduction Technology which minimizes toe-drag and weight of the boot enhancing your ride. Or the Speed Zone Lacing System which … Read More

$199.95 $129.95
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Burton Men's Moto Snowboarding Boots, Keef
BURTON Men’s Moto Snowboarding Boots – 2019

The world’s bestselling boot. Lightweight and warmer than ever with comfort you can feel from the start. On the feet of more riders than any other boot, the Burton Moto boot offers top-tier comfort and ease of use, at a … Read More

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Burton Snowboards Boy's Chopper Snowboard
BURTON SNOWBOARDS Boy’s Chopper Snowboard – 2019

The ultimate tot-friendly deck makes learning to link turns easier than finishing your lima beans. The Burton Chopper is the ticket for boys who want to start snowboarding and quickly learn the basics. What makes it so perfect is the … Read More

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