SEA TO SUMMIT Aeros Pillow Premium Full
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Trekkerman - Front
Trekkerman: Walking the World’s Best Trails

Trekkerman is a unique twist on the memoir front of the literary world. Pinedale local author Ric Samulski shares his worldwide outdoor endeavors in heart-felt, humble, and oftentimes hilarious detail, giving readers a down-home feel to undertaking this particular armchair … Read More

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Western Mountaineering Versalite 10 Degree Sleeping Bag
WESTERN MOUNTAINEERING Versalite 10 Degree Sleeping Bag

This Versalite is the warmest in Western Mountaineering’s ExtremeLite series! A solid 3-seasons of bike touring or kayaking is at your fingertips with this bag. The VersaLite sports 20 oz. of high lofting 850+ goose down for 6″ of loft and … Read More

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