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KARAKORAM Men’s Continuum Splitboard Binding – 2022

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The Bindngs

Engage the edge. Hang on tight. These bindings are built to turn. We’ve spent the last decade refining Active Joining to make bindings focused on the act of turning a snowboard. The Continuum takes the Active Joining technology we use to make our split systems the most responsive in the industry, and applies it to inbounds snowboards, making the connection between binding and solid snowboard more responsive than ever. Refined over years of prototyping and feedback from master snowsurfer Alex Yoder, the Continnuum is the perfect connection of top level engineering and intuitive feel.

The Builders

Have you ever thought about where your gear comes from? Whose care, attention, and passion went into not only designing the product, but building it piece by piece to bring it to existence? Where did it come from before it became yours? What life story does your gear tell? Here’s our story: Bindings built in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Owned. Designed. Built. by Snowboarders for Snowboarders.

Lifetime Warranty

Building gear to last is a more sustainable approach. Want to consume less and keep riding your gear for years? We support you. We stand behind our product with a lifetime warranty on all components, from the baseplate all the way up to the highback. 

How long should your gear last? We think it should last as long as you want to keep riding it.

Made in North Bend, WA

This is about more than just the product. It’s about the community and goals behind it. The snowboard binding industry used to be based largely out of Seattle. Now, it’s based in China. From day one we’ve been dedicated to our local supply chain, supporting jobs for local snowboarders and helping reduce the carbon footprint of our parts. Supporting this product is supporting us building the first factory to manufacture locally in years, challenging the industry norms of outsourcing products overseas.


  • Chassis Flex (1 Soft – 10 Stiff) – 6
  • Highback Flex (1 Soft – 10 Stiff) – 8
  • Assymetric Dual Power Sidewalls – A softer Surf Sidewall on the inside and a stiffer Power Sidewall on the outside
  • Active Joining Technology – No slop with instant response. Pre-loaded contact points create an ultra solid connection between your bindings and splitboard.


  • Reactive Highback – Delivering featherweight support with precision feedback, this highback has a great stiffness to weight ratio.


  • Air-Form Straps – These conform to your feet with independent compression pads, eliminating pressure points and allowing pinch point-free flex. They’re made light with Dupont Hytrel®.


  • Super Pivot Ratchets – Low profile Nylon composite ratchets are robust, smooth, and up to 30% lighter.

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