The Shop

The Great Outdoor Shop is located in Pinedale, Wyoming, situated at the foot of the Wind River Range and the headwaters of the Green River, which many people consider to be both the best backpacking and finest backcountry fishing in the United States.

The owners of the Great Outdoor Shop and their knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff are proud to offer the finest in outdoor clothing, equipment, and services and will help in any way to assure your Wind River adventure is the absolute best it can be. As a friendly, full-service fishing and backpacking store, we can help with anything you may need for your next trip from stove fuel and flies to maps and portable coffee solutions. Even if you just need advice on planning your next mountain trek, our staff is always happy to help, and excited to promote new locations within the beautiful Wind Rivers.

The Winds

The Winds alone claim 15 of Wyoming's 16 highest peaks, with Gannett Peak topping the list at 13, 804 feet above sea level. There are more than 400,000 acres of wilderness, 27 active glaciers, and over 1,500 alpine lakes accessible by 9 different trailheads within close proximity to Pinedale.

Whether you are searching for golden trout, bagging Gannett Peak, plotting a new route up Pingora in the Cirque of the Towers, or just heading in for a quick day hike to enjoy the beautiful wildflowers, you are sure to find this area to be a special place, and will want to return again and again.

Our Staff



Josh is a machine in a plain gray hoodie. And plain gray pants. And plain gray shoes. There’s a lot of gray, okay? For him, a day out usually involves huge distances, huge elevations, huge fish or ideally, all three. … Read More



Laura is a backpacker who loves big mile days and also has a love/hate relationship with long runs. She really cannot sit still for shit. Her hobbies include laughing too loudly (oh mah gawd, she is so freaking loud), reading … Read More



Micah doesn’t even like cats, for what it’s worth, especially Tater, Laura’s cat who is admittedly an asshole. But he does love thin strap tank tops, gold chains and spray tans, and literally just today said that curly mullets are … Read More



Yeah, weird name. We get it. It’s like the Utah version of Dylan. Just go with it. Or call him Dan or Allen or whatever. Dalan has this whole “Buddy the Elf” vibe for pretty much every single thing ever. … Read More


Marketing and Design Wizard

Brandon moved back to Pinedale after spending several years in Seattle, because, duh, Pinedale is WAY better than Seattle, although both are a notch above Nebraska where he’s originally from. Brandon was drawn to the mountains here as a climber … Read More


E-comm Queen Bee

Unless you actually know Kristin, you will never understand why this picture made Laura laugh for 5 minutes straight, so it’s useless to even try to explain it. Just take my word for it, it’s funny as shit. Kristin works … Read More


Retail Staff

Two things: First, Amber would never look so dismayed by holding a dog, even an ugly dog like this one. Second, Amber has curly hair. Amber comes to us from “back east” which is something people say when they realize … Read More


Retail Staff

Jordan would pay money to actually have a photo of himself like this, guaranteed. I’ve never met anyone in my entire life who is more obsessed with trout without it being an uncomfortable fetish or Only Fans niche or something. … Read More


Retail Staff

Natalie is Canadian, so you know that means she’s the nicest person in this building just by default. Also it means that this cat is 100% not hers. Dalan insists that she’s not Canadian since she wouldn’t drink out of … Read More


Retail Staff

Vinny is Italian.