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In Pinedale, Wyoming nestled amidst the stunning Wind River Range and the Green River—Great Outdoor Shop is your ultimate destination for the highest quality outdoor gear and expert guidance. Our passionate team is dedicated to enhancing your Wind River adventure, providing unparalleled equipment and support for all your outdoor needs. Whether you’re casting for trout, conquering peaks, or embarking on scenic hikes, our store is your gateway to unforgettable experiences in this breathtaking region.

The Wind River Range

Wyoming's untamed wilderness

The Winds alone claim 19 of Wyoming’s 20 highest peaks, with Gannett Peak topping the list at 13,804 feet above sea level. Spanning over 400,000 acres, this wilderness harbors 27 active glaciers and over 1,500 alpine lakes, all accessible from nine trailheads near Pinedale.

View of the wind river range

Our Staff

The people who make it all work

Josh Staff Photo


Josh is a machine in a plain gray hoodie. And plain gray pants. And plain gray shoes. There’s a lot of gray, okay? For him, a day out usually involves huge distances and huge elevations. He’ll like summit Gannett Peak in under 24 hours car to car and casually say, “It’s just walking.” Yeah, and Hell is just a sauna, Josh. Good job trying to relate to normal people, bud. His hobbies include alpine starts, hockey, wearing sunscreen and drinking roughly 37 cups of strong black coffee every day. He once won an award for the most patient person on the planet. When he was a kid he actually counted how many licks it took to get to the center of the Tootsie Roll Pop and in a move of pure audacious confidence, SENT IT IN TO THE COMPANY like, “Hey guys, I solved it.” That is a total lie-Laura was the one who actually did that, but honestly, it’s more believable to think it was Josh. He puts up with all of Laura’s harebrained ideas better than anyone else in the world and must find her clumsiness and general chaos endearing, because damn. But (!) he’s one of those really quiet but deep-down-ornery guys. You know the type: they keep to themselves and never raise their voices but in secret they’re ornery as hell and cause all sorts of problems for reactive people (like Laura in particular). Then, when they’re caught out, no one ever believes that they’re capable of doing that stuff because they’re so nice and quiet. Yeah. He’s just like that. Don’t be fooled. He is a creature of habit and I swear to pancakes he’s eaten a toasted bagel with pepperjack cheese every single day at 10 am for the past twenty years without fail. You could set your watch by this. Crackers and cheese by 3 pm. Every day. For twenty years. As of this writing, that’s 7,305 days IN A ROW, taking leap years into account. That’s a lot of bagels, cheese, and crackers, you know? His appetite is incredible. You’d never know it to look at him, but he’s a secret beast. He absolutely hates board games but will destroy anyone at Pac-Man. He likes computers and programming and nerdy stuff like that. His computer background is a 3D Magic Eye puzzle of dinosaurs getting onto a UFO with Al Capone in the foreground manning a lemonade stand. Josh is the steady one of the group. He keeps us all in check and on task. Or at least he tries, which is more of an effort than the staff in general (and most especially Laura) ever makes.
Laura Staff Photo


Two things you should know about Laura: one: she absolutely hates mayonnaise, or as she calls it “Sandwich Lotion,” and two: she *will* fight you. Laura wears men’s deodorant because “No one trifles with a bitch who smells like gasoline and eagle fangs,” and hates pastels, which, as she says, are just colors that can’t commit. In a bizarre life twist, she was named as one of the Wyoming Business Council’s 40 Under 40 top entrepreneurs in the state, which is hilarious because in real life she’s got this intense feral gremlin energy and is chaotic and spazzy and by far the clumsiest idiot in the building. When she comes thundering down the stairs *everyone* gets out of the way. She is basically the stand-in parent of this group of misfits, which means that she’ll yell at you for doing stupid stuff and making poor life choices but she’ll also teach you how to use a Crock Pot and feed you muffins when you’re sad. She will make fun of you relentlessly. There’s a fine line between mean and funny, and boy does she strut her stuff along that line. Look out. Her love language is sarcasm and dark humor. She owns a shiny red cape. Usually she wears it when she vacuums, but she also has been known to wear it on mountain summits, on her runs, in the weight room, or just on a Tuesday in the office. She never matches socks and has gotten her hair stuck in the paper shredder. TWICE. She’s basically the person that warning labels are there for. And she squeezes the toothpaste tube right in the middle, which is essentially proof that she’s a goblin. But she does always put her shopping cart away instead of leaving it in the parking lot, so she’s got that going for her. This may come as a surprise given the warm and fuzzy feeling you’re undoubtedly getting from this particular bio, but she is not a hugger. Don’t touch her. Ever. And if you decide to try anyway…well she also used to box competitively, so godspeed, my friend. Her facial expressions will tell you exactly what she’s thinking even before her mouth does. It’s like a mood ring but on a face, and it’s usually bad. Laura is not the predictable one of the group-that’s Josh. Laura has been known to waltz in the door with a bucket of water balloons. Or suddenly engage in a pool noodle or nerf gun battle with whomever she comes across, whether it be staff or customer or random person on the street. She always says that Josh provides the rhythm and she provides the soul, and that’s pretty true.
Micah Staff Photo


Micah loves thin strap tank tops, gold chains and spray tans (for dudes, btw), and literally just today said that curly mullets are peak fashion. So, you know, have fun living with that for the rest of your life, Micah. Micah co-manages the Great Outdoor Shop with Dalan and Amber in the winter, and is the manager of our sister store Two Rivers Fishing Company in the summer. His favorite animal is the Orcinus Orca, better known as the Killer Whale or the “DEVIL OF THE SEA” because he believes that Might Makes Right and hates all the little fishes and plankton that get destroyed by these cold-blooded (even though they’re warm-blooded) killing machines. Okay, none of that is true, but he does wear this really ugly Orca sweater, which obviously led to Laura calling him Morca, which in turn led to Laura calling him Morcinus Morca on bowling nights. Look, it’s difficult to explain-it gets weird around here. Micah has a dog named Ruby/Rubik’s Cube/Ruby Doo/Rupert/Rubert Downey Jr./etc., who has held starring roles in every single one of IMDB’s Top 100 Movies of All Time. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? We have proof. Micah looks like Jack Black. There’s no getting around it and he needs to get over it, so if you see him, be sure to mention it. Frequently. His perfect day date would be swimming in a pool full of cooked pasta while wearing a bathing suit made of basil leaves. Don’t all come running at once, ladies. He is currently making a guidebook of Laura’s facial expressions, which are numerous. He loves off-key memes and basketball and plays soccer on Fridays with a bunch of high school kids like that Seinfeld episode where they find out Kramer’s karate class is all children. Seems normal, right? Also, it should be mentioned that at this point in the year, he has fallen down the stairs more than Laura has. He hates wheat.
Dalan Staff Photo


Yeah, weird name. We get it. It’s like the Utah version of Dylan. Just go with it. Or call him Dan or Allen or whatever. Dalan has this whole “Buddy the Elf” vibe for pretty much every single thing ever. But somehow it’s not even irritating. Like it’s all good energy. This intensity especially resonates with Laura, who was apparently born both caffeinated and chaotic. If you put the two of them together with an energy-harnessing device they could probably power a community. Or create a Chernobyl-esque disaster of unendurable proportions. The world may never know. Dalan loves shoulder pads, frisbee golf, getting bikini waxes and following simple directions and he wishes he could grow a mustache. His ideal night out would include going to the grocery store and picking out the three weirdest items to buy and freak out the check-out staff, followed up by some homemade falafel and a moonlit goat yoga session. Does it really get any better than that? Dalan is inspired by 80s soap opera interior design and Slim Jims and has an actual unicorn and rainbow mural on a wall in his living room. That last one is not even made up. He is the only person on the planet who thinks Root Beer Dum Dums are the best flavor, and has been known to chug maple syrup directly from the bottle. While at work. Again, not made up. If he used his powers for good instead of just straight adrenaline he’d probably be a superhero. With a weird name. He has terrible taste in music, though. Like so, so SO bad. So there is that.
Amber Staff Photo


Amber comes to us from “back east” which is something people say when they realize that most of us American degenerates don’t know where West Virginia sits on a map or when they’re in the Witness Protection Program. Amber doesn’t seem shady or like a serial killer or someone who would name their dog something like Scott or Neil or Keith, so I have to assume it’s more of the you-don’t-know-where-West-Virginia-sits-on-a-map-so-it’s-easier-to-just-say-back-east kind of thing. She’s incredibly clever and has this cool ability where she can quietly observe the stooges around her, and still manage to keep her thoughts to herself on matters, which honestly, is a smart way to approach life in general. But, she agrees with the overall shop consensus that a) being compared to hot dog water is a bad thing, b) the root beer Dum Dums are gross, and c) that Dalan is essentially Buddy the Elf in realtime. Dalan, we’re looking at you here, Chief. Amber has a self-professed love for both Disney movies and Christmas, but it’s okay because we’re working through it a day at a time. The good news is that she’s not weird about it like some people can be. You know the kind I’m talking about. And that’s definitely not her. She also bakes for fun and shares her treats with us and holy ravioli are they delicious. Amber is such an avid reader she dressed up like a nerd with a book for Halloween. That’s either a high level of commitment, or a convenient way to utilize all of the things you already have at home for a costume-we’ll let you decide on that one. Once while bowling, she laughed when Laura named someone Butterpants on the scorecard, so you know she’s got an excellent sense of humor too. Word on the street is that Amber was once a major player in competitive lawn darts but after a scandal involving an illegally imported panda cub, 14 pounds of Hot-Tamales and a bulldog wearing a gas mask she had to go underground. But since she’s organized and detail-oriented and probably has single-handedly saved the shop from certain doom more than once, we’re willing to overlook how she spends her Sunday afternoons.
Brandon Staff Photo


Marketing & Design Guru
Brandon moved back to Pinedale after spending several years in Seattle, because, duh, Pinedale is WAY better than Seattle, although both are a notch above Nebraska where he’s originally from. Brandon was drawn to the mountains here as a climber and hella good snowboarder. But, after spending approximately 934 hours jumping on the trampoline with Josh and Laura’s daughter, exploring the Winds and playing soccer with Travis Rice at a birthday party, he was hooked and has always felt home in Wyoming. Brandon is an incredible artist and graphic designer with a dry, forgiving sense of humor that somehow fits in well with Laura’s bludgeoning sarcasm, Josh’s quiet wit and the whole crew’s general shenanigans, so although he mostly works from home he fits right in. He has a neon safety vest he wears unironically while operating a drone. He loves tacky romance novels, baggy spandex, really sharp pencils and coffee. Nothing makes him happier than finding perfectly symmetrical pine cones in the wild and buying Dalan caselots of Capri Sun. All of his major life choices have been influenced by utilizing a Magic 8 Ball, or, if driving, just following another car at random that seems like it knows where it’s going. Seems haphazard, but if you ask him he’ll challenge you to point out how such methods have failed. He taught his cat how to give high-fives. That says more about him than probably anything else in this bio does. Also, this is not a random internet glamour shot. Make of that what you will.
Kristin Staff Photo


E-comm Queen Bee
This picture made Laura laugh for 5 minutes straight. Take my word for it, it’s funny as shit. Kristin works remotely in a completely different state, which is good because I can guarantee you that if she had to be in this building with all of us every day she’d either burn the building down with all of us inside or literally go insane and start peeling paint chips off the wall to eat in an effort to numb her brain cells into submission and acceptance of the lunacy we create day in and day out. And she has 5 kids. That should tell you more about the disaster zone that is the personnel department of GOS than anything else possibly could. When Kristin was a child she competed in the under-appreciated art of ski ballet but an unfortunate incident involving dental floss, Necco wafers and an understaffed Taco John’s resulted in a career-ending injury on the slopes and a deep-seated fear of Potato Oles. But, Kristin is nothing if not tenacious-she switched gears and still to this day holds the Midwesterncentral Nebraska Statecounty title for Underwater Basket Weaving. Just when she planned on riding the UBW glory through and coasting on that victory for the rest of her life, a free AOL trial CD-ROM was delivered to her door with a sample of Tide laundry detergent and her life was irrevocably changed for a third time. Which brings us to today. Kristin maintains our e-commerce platform and listings, which is a lot of words for saying she runs our web store. It’s no small task, lots of steps, lots of inventory to maintain, lots of computer screen time, but she’s an incredibly smart, hard-working person who also does like 72 other jobs to boot. This woman could rule the world if the world wasn’t in such poor condition that no one actually wants that job to begin with. She’s also Josh’s big sister. She’s amazing. And unstoppable. And brilliant. And so, so appreciated.
Vinny Staff Photo


Retail Staff
Vinny is Italian.